Maq Pro Staff

Maqpro is a digital marketing agency that specializes in SEO, Content creation, Social media, Web development, Video Editing and data analysis. They are known for their innovative and client-centric approach, which is tailored to individual business goals. Maqpro’s data-driven approach ensures campaign optimization and transparency. They are also known for their creativity and agility, producing engaging content and adapting swiftly to industry changes. Maqpro’s team is committed to delivering tangible outcomes for their clients in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Abdul Qadoos

CEO, Digital Marketer, SEO Expert, Content Marketer, Video Eidtor, Graphics Designer
Abdul Qadoos is a versatile digital professional with expertise in SEO, graphic design, video editing, content writing, manual backlink creation, guest post services, and email marketing. With a passion for enhancing online visibility, Abdul leverages SEO wizardry to boost search rankings and crafts compelling visuals and videos that captivate audiences. As a skilled content creator, he weaves persuasive narratives, while his backlink mastery and guest posting acumen build website authority. Abdul's email marketing prowess ensures engaging campaigns that drive results. Trust Abdul Qadoos to elevate your digital presence and make your brand shine online.

Sarah Khan

CEO, Digital Marketer, Content Marketer and SEO Expert
Sarah Khan, a digital marketing virtuoso, boasts exceptional proficiency in content marketing and SEO. Her strategic prowess transforms brands, elevating online visibility and yielding tangible outcomes. With an uncanny ability to captivate audiences through compelling narratives and data-backed strategies, Sarah is a trusted trailblazer in the digital marketing domain. Rely on her to enhance your online presence, drive brand recognition, and ensure your website secures a prominent place in search engine rankings, guaranteeing a lasting impact in the digital landscape.

David Brown

Writer, Content Marketer
David Brown is a content strategist at maqPro and prolific writer. As a writer, David has specialized in SEO content, helped clients win over 30 awards. He’s written thousands of blogs that have helped his clients improve their rankings and grow. David is a passionate writer with a special interest in how to write best SEO content.