The 11 Best ChatGPT Chrome Extensions To Start AI-Powered Chat Gpt of 2023

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Get the most out of your Chat GPT AI chatbot by installing a ChatGPT Chrome extension. Check out our guide to discover the 11 best available in search engines.

The 11 Best ChatGPT Chrome Extensions To Start AI-Powered Chat Gpt
The 11 Best ChatGPT Chrome Extensions To Start AI-Powered Chat Gpt o

The 11 best ChatGPT Chrome add-ons provide an easy way. To get started with AI-powered chat GPTs without having to write a single line of code.

Whether you’re looking to build customer service bots. Or create conversational interfaces for your applications.

These powerful tools are sure to help get you up and running.

Read on for more information. About the 11 best ChatGPT Chrome add-ons available in 2023!

Overview of AI-Powered Chat GPT 2023

AI-powered chat GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is a cutting-edge technology. That enables machines to generate human-like conversations.

It utilizes Natural Language Processing (NLP) and deep learning algorithms. To generate meaningful responses to user inputs.

Training these models on large amounts of conversational data. It allows machines to understand.

The intent behind a conversation and responding with appropriate answers.

AI-powered chat GPT can use in various scenarios. Such as customer service, online education, eCommerce, and many more.

Its ability to generate accurate responses makes it a valuable asset for companies. Looking for cost-effective solutions to automate their customer support process.

Additionally, its advanced capabilities allow it to detect sentiment. Which can use for marketing purposes as well.

Benefits of Using ChatGPT Chrome Extensions

ChatGPT Chrome Extension offers great benefits for users. Who wants to communicate with their contacts.

With this add-ons, you can access a variety of messaging services.

This add-ons also allows you to create group chats and send messages in bulk.

Furthermore, it comes with an integrated search bar that helps you locate contacts.

Additionally, the plugin provides useful analytics to help you track your conversations. And gives you the option to customize notifications and sound alerts.

Finally, the plugin is secure with end-to-end encryption. So that all your conversations are safe and secure.

With ChatGPT Chrome add-ons, you can stay connected with friends and colleagues. While enjoying a smooth user experience.

Here are the 11 Best ChatGPT Chrome extensions:

AIPRM for ChatGPT 

The AIPRM for ChatGPT is an innovative artificial intelligence (AI) platform. That allows users to interact with AI-powered chatbots in a conversational format.

It provides a comprehensive suite of features. Such as natural language processing (NLP), and text recognition.

And machine learning capabilities to enable chatbot conversations.

The platform also includes an intuitive interface to build complex chatbot dialogs. And customize them according to the user’s needs.

Additionally, the platform offers a range of analytics tools. To measure the performance of the chatbot.

And help optimize it for better results.

It also provides various integration options. So that users can use third-party services.

Or integrate existing databases into their conversations.

The AIPRM for ChatGPT is a powerful tool for businesses. Looking to create interactive AI-driven customer service experiences.



  1. Improved prompts, even the “Outrank Article” should work in all languages now!
  2. Categories for Prompt
  3. Filtering & searching for Prompts
  4. Save your Prompts
  5. Share your Prompts with the world
  6. Edit Your Prompts
  7. Delete Your Prompts
  8. Vote on Prompts others shared
  9. Find the most popular Prompts others shared
  10. See your name and link for the Prompts you shared
  11. Report back issues with Prompts
  12. Export full chat conversation

ChatGPT For Google

CHATGPT FOR GOOGLE  is a Google Chrome plugin designed to simplify. And improve your online conversation experience.

It enables you to respond to messages, and create custom responses. And save time by automating the process of writing conversations.

This add-ons uses natural language processing technology to identify and categorize conversations. 

Enabling users to find relevant messages and respond with accuracy.

Additionally, ChatGPT’s automated response feature allows users. To compose meaningful replies in seconds.

They tailor to their unique needs, saving them time and effort.

With ChatGPT, users can be confident they send accurate. Timely messages that make an impact.

image 1


  1. Supports all popular search engines
  2. Supports official OpenAI API (GPT-3)
  3. Access ChatGPT from the add-ons popup
  4. Markdown rendering
  5. Code highlights
  6. Dark mode
  7. Feedback to improve ChatGPT
  8. Custom trigger mode
  9. Copy to clipboard


LINER: ChatGPT Google Assistant & Highlighter

Liner is a revolutionary AI-powered Google Assistant and Highlighter Chrome add-ons. 

That makes it easier to communicate with friends, colleagues, and customers.

It works by using natural language processing (NLP) to understand conversations. And highlight key moments and topics within them.

With the help of Liner’s AI, users can add context to conversations. Making them easier to follow and remember.

Additionally, the Highlighter tool helps users find relevant information in long conversations.

This is especially useful for customers who are trying to research a product. Or service as it allows for faster searches of past conversations.

Liner is an innovative plugin that helps people better understand their conversations. And extract the most important information from them.

image 2


1. ChatGPT Google Search Assistant - Get trustworthy answer direct from Google. With LINER AI powered by ChatGPT 
2. Web Highlighter - Highlight wherever you want even on YouTube videos or images! 
3. Content Curation - Discover new contents recommended by LINER AI. Based on your search and highlights powered by ChatGPT! 
4. Block Ads on Web & YouTube - Keep your web experience peaceful after watching a short video. Remove all ads on web pages for a day.

Merlin – OpenAI GPT powered assistant

Merlin is an OpenAI GPT powered assistant Chrome add-ons. That helps you get the most out of your online experiences. 

It designs to be intuitive and easy to use, allowing users to find information. And access websites without having to search for them.

With Merlin, you can find what you’re looking for on the web. And it can even suggest related websites based on your search history.

It also provides quick access to popular services like YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

Additionally, Merlin gives you helpful tools. Such as search filters, voice commands, a built-in calculator, and more.

All these features make Merlin a great choice for anyone. Who wants a better experience while browsing the web.

image 3


  • Provide merlin with a prompt that describes the desired excel function. Or operation and ask it to generate a formula or code based on that prompt.
  •  It would then analyze the prompt and suggest a formula. Or code that would do the desired task.
  • Provide a prompt that describes the context of the email. And the desired tone and content of your reply,  and ask it to generate text based on that prompt.
  • It would then analyze the prompt and suggest words and phrases. That would fit well with your desired tone and content. 
  • Provide Merlin with the full text of your content and ask it to generate a summary based on that text.
  • It would then analyze the text and suggest a summary. That includes the main points and key details of the content.

Tactiq: ChatGPT meeting summary

Tactiq is a powerful Chrome add-ons designed to help teams collaborate more. It provides a platform for summarizing conversations and meeting notes.

With Tactiq, users can summarize key points from chat conversations. Or meetings in real-time, allowing them to better organize their thoughts.

And share the summary with their team members. This plugin also allows users to save the summaries for later reference or review.

Additionally, Tactiq provides an intuitive interface. That lets users customize the detail of their summaries.

To ensure they capture all the important points discussed.

All in all, Tactiq is an invaluable tool that helps teams collaborate on projects. While ensuring everyone stays on the same page.

image 7


  1. Join Google Meet, Zoom, Cisco Webex, MS Teams
  2. Tactiq records meeting transcripts in real-time
  3. Highlight important stuff with a click
  4. Save Google Meet captions as a transcript to Google Doc
  5. Save Google Meet chat history in your transcription
  6. Take screenshots in Google Meet, Zoom, Cisco Webex, MS Teams
  7. Google Meet Attendance Tracker
  8. Google Meet Attendance Tracker
  9. Save Zoom captions as a transcript to Google Doc
  10. Search for spoken text across all transcripts
  11. Remote Meetings
  12. Document Requirements
  13. Online classes/lectures
  14. Transcribing video calls into Google Docs
  15. Checking things you forget
  16. Meeting followups
  17. Writing recaps/summaries
  18. Run effective Scrum meetings
  19. Record Google Meet Live Captions
  20. Record Zoom Live Captions
  21. Save Google Meet captions
  22. Save Zoom captions
  23. Get a transcript with speaker identification and timestamps
  24. Search transcript by Google Meet participants 
  25. Save the transcript to your Google Drive, Notion, or HubSpot
  26. Notify your colleagues in Slack and Microsoft Teams
  27. Update your leads and contacts in CRM
  28. Export transcripts to PDFs and cloud collaboration tools
  29. Screen capture meetings and store the screenshots with the meeting transcripts
  30. Save in-call messages, links, and comments to the transcript

ChatGPT Writer – Write mail, messages with AI

ChatGPT Writer is a powerful AI-powered Chrome add-ons. That makes writing emails and messages easier than ever before. 

These revolutionary tool designs help you create compelling. personalized messages with minimal effort.

With its intuitive interface. Anyone can create custom messages tailored to their individual needs.

It uses natural language processing (NLP) technology to generate unique responses. And can even suggest appropriate topics for discussion.

The plugin also includes a library of pre-made templates. So you don’t have to start from scratch when creating new messages.

ChatGPT Writer’s AI capabilities are being improved and expanded. Making it an essential tool for anyone looking to streamline their communication process.

Whether you’re sending emails or instant messages. ChatGPT Writer will help you write the perfect message every time!

image 4


  1. Highest quality responses that outcompete all other tools in the market.
  2. Works on all sites. Works even better on Gmail. 
  3. All languages support.

ChatGPT for Search Engines

ChatGPT for Search Engines Chrome add-ons is an innovative tool. That helps to improve a user’s online search experience.

It uses natural language processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence (AI). To provide more accurate and personalized search results.

The plugin works by allowing users to input queries in natural language. ChatGPT then interprets and provides helpful information about the query.

For example, if you ask “What does SEO stand for?”. ChatGPT will return the correct answer of “Search Engine Optimization”.

This plugin also allows users to save searches and see past results. Providing a more efficient way of finding the desired information.

With its powerful features and interface. ChatGPT for Search Engines Chrome add-ons is a great way.

To make your online search experience easier and more productive.

image 9


  1. ChatGPT replies feature syntax highlighting for code. Helping to read and comprehend technical details more.
  2. Select the method of initiating ChatGPT, such as, or by posing a query.
  3. ChatGPT can display as a popup within your browser or on its own page.
  4. Pose any query to ChatGPT from the comfort of your web browser, at whatever time you desire.
  5. Click and send the chosen text to ChatGPT as an impetus.
  6. The add-on contains a dark mode for those who favor a deeper interface.

ChatGenie Chrome Extension overview

ChatGenie is a revolutionary Chrome extension. That makes it easier than ever to interact with customers and keep up with customer queries.

The extension allows users to respond to questions and support requests. And other inquiries from customers within the browser.

Its simple and intuitive design makes it easy for anyone to use.

With ChatGenie, you can add new contacts, and manage conversations. And search for answers using keywords or phrases.

Plus, you can manage many conversations at once within the same window.

ChatGenie is an invaluable tool for any business looking to increase customer satisfaction. And improve their customer service efficiency.

image 5


  1. Access ChatGPT by clicking on the icon in the toolbar. The popup will appear and you can start a conversation with ChatGPT.
  2. Access ChatGPT from the navigation bar (aka Omnibox) by typing gpt and pressing space. 
  3. Get answers from search result pages on popular search engines. Such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Duckduckgo, and more.
  4. Run ChatGPT from the context menu.
  5. Maintains a longer ChatGPT session by pinging it.

ChatGPT Chrome Extension

The ChatGPT Chrome Extension. Is a powerful browser extension that enhances search engines. 

It uses AI to help you find what you are looking for, no matter where you are.

With the extension, users can get personalized suggestions. And content tailored to their interests and needs.

With the click of a button, users can access information on any topic they desire.

The extension allows users to enhance search capabilities. With AI-powered recommendations alongside traditional search results.

This enables them to save time and energy when looking for something specific online.

With this extension, users can use AI anywhere in their browser. To make searching more convenient and efficient.

image 6

WebChatGPT: ChatGPT with internet access 

WebChatGPT is a free Chrome extension. That allows you to use the ChatGPT app alongside Google.

With this extension, you can maximize your search engine results. And make sure that you are getting the most accurate.

And up-to-date information is available.

You can also use this extension to share your tweets. With other users of the app, access your tweets from the GitHub repository.

This will help you stay connected with friends, and family. And colleagues while keeping up with the latest news.

You can also use this extension to find the latest trends in technology or any other topic of interest.

The WebChatGPT Chrome Extension is a great way to make sure that you get the most out of your online experience.

image 8

ChatGPT Assistant – Use AI Everywhere Chrome extension Overview

ChatGPT Assistant – Use AI Everywhere Chrome extension is a genius chrome plugin. That has been gaining immense popularity among developers.

It enables them to access AI-driven responses in a variety of ways. Making their work more efficient.

With this handy extension, one can tweet an AI response alongside. The original tweet or paste it into the conversation.

The instructions to use the plugin are easy to follow. And make it accessible for developers.

It’s a great way for developers to include AI in their conversations. Without having to put in much effort, which definitely adds to its appeal.

With ChatGPT Assistant – Use AI Everywhere Chrome extension. Developers can add intelligence to their conversations with minimal effort.

And get quick responses from the AI assistant making life easier for them.

image 10


  1. Search ChatGPT in Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and Brave
  2. Code syntax highlighting
  3. ChatGPT is available as a popup and standalone page
  4. Right-click to send selected text to ChatGPT as a prompt
  5. Use ChatGPT from the browser’s omnibar
  6. Reuse before submitted prompts
  7. Configure how the assistant sends prompts

Final Thoughts 

Final thoughts on the 11 best ChatGPT Chrome Extensions to start AI-Powered Chat Gpt of 2023.

This list is a genius way to make an AI-powered chatbot. Technology is accessible for your website.

With the popularity of tweet-and-paste functionality, developers. Now have a variety of ways to create an AI-powered chatbot for their site.

The chrome plugins are easy to use, with handy instructions. That lets you create an AI-powered chatbot.

And get output in the format you desire.

Glasp is also a great game changer when it comes to creating an AI-powered chatbot.

As it lets you access the source code and customize your bot if you want!

It’s handy for creators who want more control over their bots and how they interact with users.

All in all, these 11 Chrome extensions are a great way to make AI-powered chatbot technology. More accessible and get started with them right away!


What are the steps for using the Chat GPT Chrome Extensions?

The Chat GPT Chrome Extension is a great tool for searching and finding information.

To use the extension, first, open your Google Chrome browser. And search for “Chat GPT Chrome Extension” in the search engine.

Once you find the extension, click to install it. Then highlight the text or input you would like to use with the Chat GPT Chrome Extension.

After highlighting, use the command “Merlin” followed by “ChatGPT for Google”. To open up the Chat GPT extension.

You will then be able to input commands into OpenAI’s Chat GPT to get results from your query.

This process is simple and efficient, allowing users to find answers. They need without having to search through a search engine.

With this extension installed. You can save time while getting accurate information in an easy-to-use format!

Can ChatGPT take pictures?

Can ChatGPT is a language model that can use to compile conversations. And understand day-to-day language? But, it is not capable of taking pictures.

It was not designed with this purpose in mind. So there are no keyboard shortcuts or other features that would enable it to do so.

ACan ChatGPT has created only to understand language. And creating conversations based on it.

While this might be a disappointment for those who were hoping. To take pictures with the software.

Its main purpose remains intact – providing users with an AI-driven conversation partner.

ChatGPT currently runs in a Chrome tab. But did you know that you can bring its capabilities to other websites as well?

ChatGPT is a powerful AI technology that can use to streamline conversations. And increase customer engagement.

It currently runs in a Chrome tab, but did you know that you can bring its capabilities to other websites as well?

By integrating ChatGPT into your website. You can provide customers with more natural, efficient conversations.

This integration will enable customers to find the answers. They are looking for and have their questions answered faster.

Additionally, ChatGPT’s natural language processing capabilities allow it to understand. What the customer is asking and offer helpful responses.

With the help of ChatGPT, customers will be able to get their questions answered faster. And have better experiences.

Furthermore, by using ChatGPT on your website. You can reduce customer service resources needed as well as save time and money.

All in all, integrating ChatGPT into your website is an effective way. To increase customer engagement.

And provide them with more efficient conversations. 

What is the procedure for using Chat GPT Chrome Extension?

Chat GPT Chrome extensions are a great way to stay connected with your friends and family.

With these extensions, you can send messages. Make video calls, share photos, and even play games.

To use this extension, all you need to do is add it to your browser and log in with your Chat GPT account. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to access your contacts list and start talking.

You’ll also be able to see who’s online and who’s offline, so you can always keep in touch with the people that matter most.

And if you ever want to take a break from chatting. There are plenty of other features available.

Such as video conferencing, file sharing, voice recording and more.

So what are you waiting for? Get the Chat GPT Chrome extension today and start making the most of your conversations!

Can one access ChatGPT on Google without cost?

ChatGPT for Google is a powerful artificial intelligence chatbot. That is available to use for free.

This AI technology can help you manage customer service. Provide product information, and even conduct market research.

It is power by natural language processing (NLP) algorithms. Allowing it to understand what customers are asking.

And provide accurate answers in real-time.

ChatGPT can use on Google Assistant and other supported platforms. Making it easy to access from any device.

Additionally, the system also offers many advanced features. Such as personalization, analytics, and more.

ChatGPT is an excellent way to automate customer service tasks. While ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

With its free availability, businesses of all sizes. Can take advantage of this powerful tool without having to invest.

In costly software licenses or expensive hardware systems.

Do you have an affinity for Love ChatGPT and are looking to expand its capabilities?

If you are looking to expand the capabilities of Love ChatGPT, there are a few things you can do. First, consider expanding its range of topics that it can address.

For example, adding more conversation topics related to relationships. Or other relevant subjects could provide an even richer experience for users.

Additionally, you could look into incorporating more interactive elements. Such as quizzes or games to make the platform more engaging and entertaining.

Finally, explore options for integrating Love ChatGPT with other platforms. Or services for a seamless experience across many devices and services.

By exploring these options, you can help ensure that Love ChatGPT continues to offer. An enjoyable experience for its users.

Which ChatGPT Chrome extension do you prefer the most?

I prefer the ChatGPT Chrome extension over any other chatbot extension. It has an intuitive and simple user interface, allowing me to access all its features.

Furthermore, it is efficient, providing me with accurate. And fast responses to my queries.

Moreover, it provides me with a range of customization options. That I can use to tailor the chatbot’s responses according to my preferences.

Additionally, it offers powerful AI-driven features that help me to conduct natural conversations. Which makes conversing with the chatbot feel more realistic.

Finally, the ChatGPT Chrome extension also provides regular updates and bug fixes. Which ensures that I have an error-free experience while using the application.

I find this chatbot extension to be the most reliable choice for anyone. Looking for a smooth and seamless experience while interacting with a chatbot.

What is the Google Chrome Extension for Chat GPT?

The Chat GPT Chrome Extension is a powerful tool designed. To help users interact with natural language models.

It provides an easy way to access state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing (NLP) models. And create conversations in natural language.

The extension allows users to generate text responses. Based on their input, by connecting them to the Google cloud.

An extension is a great tool for developers and data scientists alike. As it allows them to create conversations in natural language.

Without needing any coding knowledge.

Furthermore, the Chat GPT Chrome Extension has many features that make it.

For example, it comes with an autocomplete feature. That helps save time by predicting words.

Or phrases as you type so you don’t have to type out long sentences from scratch.

Additionally, it also includes a spellchecker that ensures your messages are error-free.

The Chat GPT Chrome Extension is a must-have for anyone looking for an easy way. To create conversations in natural language without any coding experience.

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