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We are excited when writers share their knowledge and insights with us. We know that this requires a lot of time, and we are very grateful for your interest in writing for MaqPro!


Article Writing Guides

Have trouble writing guest blog posts for sites like ours? Things can get tricky when you don’t know what direction to take your article. To enhance your opportunities of getting published on our site, Remember that we prefer contributions from writers who have a passion for what they’re talking about or are interested in contributing to the buzz surrounding that specific topic. So, if you would like us to consider publishing something you’ve written, it should be comprehensive, well researched, interesting, and educational!

  • A good article is actionable. It describes a situation, explains why it can be useful to you, and gives you suggestions for what you need to do about it, and the article must be 1000+ words.
  • Articles are 100% original and unpublished. We will not republish anything that’s been published elsewhere. Our content is completely exclusive, and this is how it should be. No plagiarism!
  • Use strong, reliable sources and only include specific claims or facts. Avoid promotional material and don’t cite competing companies.
  • Includes relevant images and examples to drive your point. Avoid using stock photos: ask a friend to contribute or use a camera on your smartphone! MaqPro is ideal for visualizing data, information, processes, ideas, and frameworks.
  • The article is easier to read and contains subheadings, bullet points, and shorter paragraphs.


Which Content Can We Accept?


Most of our audience consists of individuals and teams from different organizational departments, such as marketing or sales, looking for tips, best practices, and guides to help improve and streamline their workflows. To meet these needs, we only accept clear, compelling content falling into the following categories:

  • Seo
  • Web development
  • WordPress
  • Content writing
  • Digital marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Ecommerce
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Technology


*Please refer to our blog and look out for topics, section layout ideas and familiarize yourself with the processes of brainstorming and executing that we prefer.


If you’ve ever wanted to submit your guest post on the MaqPro blog, submit your request through our email us info@maq-pro.com or fill the contact form below.


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